Exploring new ways of helping people engage with health research

With resource from Wellcome, the British Science Association is seeking new ways to help people engage with health research. The project aims to provide support to UK-based organisations and individuals. We will focus on themes of diversity and inclusion, because the effects of unequal access to health research contribute to wider societal inequalities.

Sustaining Excellence

The British Science Association has received funding from the Wellcome Trust under the Sustaining Excellence grant scheme. The scheme gives long-term support to organisations who have been previously funded by the Wellcome Trust to increase the impact of their public engagement projects and develop new ways of working.

This grant will support the BSA’s mission to transform the diversity and inclusivity of science. We will start by reflecting on our organisation and processes, to look at what works well, and what steps we can take to improve. We will be sharing our learning throughout and will be supporting others in the science engagement sector to try more inclusive approaches as the project progresses.

UK Science Festivals Network: innovating by design

We are grateful to Wellcome for supporting this project which sees the UKSFN partnering with the Design Council to work with festivals to develop their skills in user-centred design, which they can embed into their practice - to help improve their programmes and reach under-served audiences going forward.