Living with disabilities, not obstacles

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we've looked back at the work we've done to support disabled people of all ages to engage with STEM, and the scientists and engineers who are working to improve the lives of disabled people. Read more

As school underfunding bites, what is the future of design & technology?

With news that state schools could be forced to cut creative subjects including design and technology (D&T) as they grapple with diminished budgets, we explore what the ramifications could be for young people's futures and society. Read more

Green Careers Week - Celebrate with CREST!

As the very first Green Careers Week kicks off, we explore why it's so important and round up the secondary CREST Awards projects that encourage students to engage with climate and environment related topics. Read more

How the stress of poverty can impact education

To mark Stress Awareness Day on 2 November, we explore how the toxic stress of living in disadvantaged households and communities can impact children and young people's ability to fulfil their potential in the classroom. We ask if more can be done to ensure no-one is living below the poverty line; it is a base requirement for equal opportunities. Read more

The Ideas Fund: Round One continued monitoring learning and reflections

Since announcing the Round One projects that The Ideas Fund will be funding we have been reading, listening and learning from the subsequent progress updates sent in Summer 2022. In this blog we look at some of the key headlines of the emerging learnings as the projects and relationships develop. Read more