British Science Week 2023 - The human connection

British Science Week 2023 is coming up on 10-19 March, and the activity packs are available now. As the theme of the packs this year is 'Connections', we have looked at one of the key connections needed for scientific innovation and progress - the one we make between each other. Read more

Dunking a biscuit in tea? That can be a CREST Awards project!

We spoke to a student and his teacher about the fantastic biscuit dunker machine he designed and built to earn a Silver CREST Award. Could it inspire your students? CREST Awards can allow students to explore new ways we can utilise STEM in the future. Read more

2022: Our past year, wrapped

In our final blog post of the year, we delve into our highlights of 2022, including a record-breaking British Science Week, how science was brought to life at the British Science Festival, and the ways we've worked to elevate missing voices plus, much more... Read more

Championing migrant voices in science

In this two-part blog, we speak to researchers who have helped support migrant scientist colleagues, and share some of the work we’ve been doing directly with community groups – explaining why this work is so important to achieving our mission. Read more

Living with disabilities, not obstacles

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we've looked back at the work we've done to support disabled people of all ages to engage with STEM, and the scientists and engineers who are working to improve the lives of disabled people. Read more