Working together to take on the big problems, and achieve the impossible

President of the British Science Association for 2021-22, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, gave her presidential address at the British Science Festival in Chelmsford. She covered topics from her childhood inspirations to her visions of space travel in the future. Read more

VICTA Virtual Science Fair 2021 - British Science Week

Luke Wakefield, head of activities and strategic programmes at VICTA, a national charity that supports visually impaired young people, tells us about the VICTA Virtual Science Fair held over British Science Week 2021 with help from a Community Grant. Read more

Equal early years education is crucial for future success

In 2017, the UK government granted 15 extra hours of free early years education a week to children whose parents are employed – but not to those whose parents are unemployed. Four years on, what impact has this inequality in access to education had on children as they enter their first years of school? Read more

Our relationship with language may start sooner than we realise

At the British Science Festival, psychology and linguist researcher Elena Lieven explained why testing the language acquisition of two-year-olds is important, but very tricky! Read more