British Science Festival: The fight against microplastics

The British Science Festival is coming up In September, and one of the topics being explored across different events is microplastic pollution and how to tackle it. We discuss the events and why taking action now matters. Read more

Why gender stereotypes in STEM need to be challenged

Two months after Katharine Birbalsingh's comments about girls studying physics and maths, we do a round-up of the British Science Association response, on this site and in the New Scientist, and share the views of teachers from around the UK. Read more

Equality in access to natural spaces is essential for a more eco-friendly future

Easy access to outdoor spaces for all children and young people is essential in the name of fairness, and for the fact that equality, diversity and inclusion benefit society and our future as a whole. Read more

Dreamachine: How we perceive the world differently, and why that brings us together

We spoke to Professor Fiona Macpherson and Professor Anil Seth, who are working on the scientific and research elements of the new Dreamachine Schools programme, to find out more about the big questions children will be investigating around perception, consciousness and the power of the mind. Read more

Education | Teaching children about climate change and sustainability

More effective and engaging climate education can help prepare them to play their part in combatting climate change. Practical science activities, such as UKCEH x CREST Awards Hydrology resources, can help young people relate to and contextualise the issues that will inevitably play a formative and significant role in their futures. Read more

Why deaf inclusion matters

To mark Deaf Awareness Week, 2-8 May this year, we've explored the issue of underrepresentation of deaf students in STEM higher education, and how the barriers creating a lack of equality and inclusion can be broken. Read more

Education | It’s a family affair – the importance of engaging parents and guardians in science education

Family matters. When it comes to science education, children flourish when they're parents or guardians and engaged and involved, but there are barriers around this type of engagement. We spoke to a teacher from St Peter's Primary School Henfield in West Sussex on her experience of including families in British Science Week 2022. Read more