Enriching the primary curriculum with CREST: New resource to help teachers enhance STEM lessons

While CREST Award activities are often completed in STEM clubs, they are also an ideal means of delivering the science curricula across all four UK nations. We are delighted to launch a new resource helping primary school teachers build CREST Star and SuperStar activities into their lessons. Read more

Who works for science festivals? Looking back at 2019 through a 2020 lens

Results from UKSFN's 2019 'Volunteer and employee' survey shed light on the science festival workforce and highlight the drive to increase inclusion and representation within the sector. Read more

Community science inspirations part 5: Rediscovering nature

In the final blog of our 'Community science inspirations' series, Rhiane Fatinikun, Founder of Black Girls Hike UK, shares her experience of planning a COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant funded event to highlight issues faced by under-represented groups and to amplify Black voices in the outdoor arena. Read more

Success with CREST during lockdown

We sat down with both students and parents to discuss how CREST Awards can prepare them for life beyond lockdown. Read more

Kick start your Science Week plans today!

Wanting to know how your classroom can incorporate socially distanced activities into your British Science Week 2021? We've got a couple of ideas to help get you started! Read more