Our British Science Week 2023 round-up

That's a wrap on British Science Week 2023! But don't worry - there are still plenty of resources available to keep the science engagement going. We've rounded them up here, with all the links and info you need. Read more

Community-led climate change research: Projects, partnerships and learnings

Christina Fuentes Tibbitt, our Community Engagement Manager, explores the collaborative community-researcher partnerships formed through the first phase of our Highlands and Islands Community Change Grant scheme. Read more

Underrepresentation and the next generation - a CREST Awards case study

To earn her Gold CREST Award, Mara - a sixth form student in Hertfordshire - researched why women are underrepresented in STEM. She guest-wrote a blog to tell us what she learned, the skills she developed, and why this issue matters. Read more

Education | Family engagement this British Science Week

Family engagement can make a big difference to science education, but engagement is not equal opportunity. We explore the barriers, and look at how the low-resource activities in our British Science Week activity packs offer ways for all families to celebrate science together. Read more

The Ideas Fund: Round Two project funding announcement

The Ideas Fund has announced its second round of grant funding totalling £1.2 million awarded to 26 community projects exploring ways to improve mental wellbeing across communities in Oldham, the Scottish Highlands and Islands, North West Northern Ireland and Hull. Read more

Education | Engaging students with STEAM power

As we publish a brand new CREST Awards Discovery pack which encourages students to blend art with STEM, we explore the importance of emphasising creativity and imagination in science teaching. Read more

British Science Week 2023 : The human connection

British Science Week 2023 is coming up on 10-19 March and our free activity packs are available now. On this year's theme of 'Connections', we highlight four activities from our packs that explore one of the key connections needed for scientific innovation and progress - the one we make between each other. Read more

Education | Dunking a biscuit in tea? That can be a CREST Awards project!

We spoke to a student and his teacher about the fantastic biscuit dunker machine he designed and built to earn a Silver CREST Award. Could it inspire your students? CREST Awards can allow students to explore new ways we can utilise STEM in the future. Read more