Below is a selection of some of our past projects:

Demo Day

Demo Day was an annual campaign held during British Science Week that aimed to inspire secondary school teachers and technicians to explore new concepts, provoke discussions and generate excitement through running science demonstrations.  It ran successfully over three years in hundreds of schools across the UK. 

MARCH - Making Science Real in Schools

MARCH is a project spanning Europe, bringing together seven countries and numerous institutions and educational establishments, in order to share and promote innovative content and best practices for use in science education for secondary schools.

Science matters: bringing policy to voters 

In the run up to the General Election 2015, we teamed up with journalist Susan Watts, former science editor of Newsnight, to interview the science spokespeople from the main political parties. Many discussions about science and technology take place behind closed doors in institutions across the UK, but we’re bringing these discussions to the public.

Engineers: Engage!

Engineers: Engage! was run in partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering on this public engagement training programme for engineers to help them run activities and deliver events that demonstrated why their work is so inspiring, fascinating or vital.


British Science Association worked with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on Flusurvey to help grow the number of under-18-year-olds participating.

Ugly Animals Campaign

British Science Association ran a campaign in partnership with the Ugly Animal Preservation Society to find them a new mascot. Read more about the campaign and see the campaign videos.

The Big Bumblebee Discovery

The Big Bumblebee Discovery was a citizen science experiment run in 2014 in partnership with EDF Energy. 

Mass Participation Projects

Here is a brief overview of all the mass participation projects that the British Science Association has been involved in over the years.

Youth Voice Projects

Information on the past youth voice projects that the British Science Association has been involved in over the years.

Public Attitudes to Science Survey

In partnership with Ipsos Mori and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) we worked on the Public Attitudes to Science survey to find out what the public really think about science.